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When calculating a loan, nothing should be left to chance. Our online loan calculator is the ideal tool to offer you a customized and legally compliant loan solution. Experience how simple and straightforward calculating a loan can be – with no hidden fees and full flexibility for early repayment. Immerse yourself in the world of intelligent lending and discover how our loan calculator can make the most of your financial scope.

The loan calculator for Switzerland – Calculate loans easily online

Monthly installment:

How does the loan calculator work?

Step-by-step guide to calculating the loan

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Using a loan calculator is a simple but crucial step on your way to your dream loan. Here is a short 4-step guide to understand the process:

  1. Enter credit amount: Start by entering the desired credit amount.
  2. Choose a term: Decide on a term that matches your repayment options.
  3. Take the interest rate into account: You can use the interest rate slider to see how a specific annual interest rate affects your loan costs. The interest rate you can actually get depends on numerous factors – but one thing is certain: we will find the optimum interest rate for you using our comparison options.
  4. Receive the result: The loan calculator shows you the monthly installment of your loan in real time.

At, it is particularly important to us that the entire process is particularly transparent and customer-friendly. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time via at any time.

Understanding the interactive elements

Our online loan calculator offers various interactive elements to help you better understand the different aspects of your loan:

  • Slider for loan amounts and terms: These allow you to experiment with different scenarios to find the perfect balance between monthly installment and total cost.
  • Dynamic calculations: As soon as you change your entries, the calculator updates the results immediately to give you a realistic assessment of your credit options.

Detailed functions of the credit calculator

Importance of loan details and influence of special payments

A detailed understanding of the various elements that go into the loan calculation is crucial to making an informed decision. The loan calculator at provides you with comprehensive information on:

  • Loan details: This includes the loan amount, the term and the interest rate. In Switzerland, it is particularly advantageous as the interest rate includes all the costs of the loan and there are no hidden fees.
  • Special payments & early repayment: You always have the option of repaying your loan early, giving you financial flexibility. Our transfer calculator shows you how to calculate your calculate your transfer fee can.

Use of graphical representations and tables

To give you an even better understanding of your loan options, some of our loan calculators use graphs and tables. These visual aids offer the following advantages:

  1. Clarity: Graphics provide an immediate visual representation of the various credit aspects, such as monthly installments and total costs over the term.
  2. Comparability: Tables allow you to place different loan options next to each other and compare them directly.
  3. Depth of detail: With spreadsheets, you can dive deeper into the details of your monthly payments to get a precise idea of your financial commitment.
Loan amount Interest rateRuntimeMonthly installmentTotal costs (CHF)
10,000 CHF4 %3 years295,24 CHF10,628.64 CHF
10,000 CHF4 %6 years156,45 CHF11,264.40 CHF
10,000 CHF8 %3 years313,36 CHF11,280.96 CHF
10,000 CHF8 %6 years175,33 CHF12,623.76 CHF
4 exemplary results from the loan calculator, each with a loan amount of CHF 10,000. As you can see, the monthly installment is significantly influenced by the loan term. However, the effect on the total costs is reciprocal: the longer the term, the lower the installment, but the higher the total costs of the loan.

Interesting facts for borrowers in Switzerland

The role of credit calculators in the Swiss financial world

Couple calculates loan together

In Switzerland, the loan calculator plays a crucial role for anyone looking for financial flexibility. It allows you to compare different loan options quickly and easily. Our loan calculator takes into account all relevant factors such as interest rates, terms and loan amounts. The special thing about Switzerland: the interest rate includes all costs. There are no hidden fees. Swiss law also guarantees the right to early repayment of the loan. This makes the loan calculator an indispensable tool for financial planning and decision-making.

Calculate interest costs and credit limit

It is important to understand the specifics of lending. A central point here, especially in Switzerland, is the calculation of the interest rates . The interest rate of a loan includes all fees, so there are no additional costs. This simplifies the loan calculation considerably. Here are some points for calculation:

  • Interest rate: This is determined based on various factors such as creditworthiness and market conditions.
  • Total costs: The total costs of a loan are calculated by multiplying the interest rate by the loan amount and the term.

The credit line is also an important aspect. It is also called the credit limit and answers the question: “ How much credit can I get? “. It is determined on the basis of your financial situation and the legal requirements in Switzerland. This ensures that you receive a loan that matches your possibilities. We offer you a special option for calculating your credit line.

Selection of the optimum runtime

Choosing the right term for your loan is crucial. A longer term means lower monthly installments, but higher total costs. Conversely, a shorter term leads to higher monthly installments but lower overall costs. Consider the following factors:

  • Monthly capacity: Choose a term that suits your monthly budget.
  • Long-term financial goals: Consider how the loan fits into your long-term financial plans.
  • Flexibility with early repayment: Remember that in Switzerland you have the right to repay your loan early at any time. So you don’t have to set the installments as high as possible in order to be debt-free quickly. Because if you have money left over, you can easily discuss a special payment or a complete early repayment with your bank.

FAQ: Everything you need to know about loan calculators

Effective use of the loan calculator for different types of loans

Our loan calculator is a versatile tool that is suitable for a wide range of loan types. Here are some tips on how to use it effectively:

  • Personal loans Calculate your monthly installments and total costs based on the desired loan amount and term.
  • Debt restructuring loans: Use the loan calculator to see how much you can save by consolidating existing debts.
  • Loans for specific purposes: Whether it is for the renovation of a property vehicle purchase, education or other topics, the loan calculator helps you to plan the costs precisely.

Tips and tricks for borrowers

To get the most out of your loan, follow these tips:

  • Early repayment: Take advantage of the early repayment option to save on interest costs.
  • Compare offers: Compare different loan offers to find the best one for your needs. We are happy to do this for you – completely free of charge!
  • Check your financial situation: Make sure that the loan fits your current financial situation. Under no circumstances may it lead to over-indebtedness lead to over-indebtedness. It is also important to consider how high the risk of incapacity to work is. A loan can be specifically secured against this.

Find the best loan now with our loan calculator

At, we understand that finding the perfect loan can be a challenge. Our aim is to make this process as simple and transparent as possible for you. The loan calculator is a powerful tool that helps you make the right decision based on your individual financial needs and options.

  • Transparency and simplicity: Our loan calculator as well as our loan comparison service offer clear information without hidden fees or complications.
  • Customizability: Experiment with different scenarios to find a solution that suits you perfectly.
  • Security and trust: As a Swiss provider, we strictly adhere to local laws and regulations to provide you with the best and safest credit experience possible.

We invite you to use our loan calculator and experience how easy it can be to expand your financial scope. Whether you need a loan for a new car, a renovation or for your education, is your trustworthy partner on this path. Start your loan application directly online on our website today and take the first step towards more financial freedom.