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All we need is a little bit of information from you – and we can show you the best and cheapest loan that suits your situation.

Our online loan request: Fast and uncomplicated

Online form: Enter your data securely and easily

Filling out the credit application on is child’s play thanks to our clear online form. Enter all the necessary information in just a few steps. It goes without saying that your data will be treated in strict confidence and secured using the latest encryption technology.

Immediate feedback: This is how quickly you will receive an answer

We know how important quick feedback is for our customers. You will therefore receive a confirmation of receipt immediately after sending your loan application. Your documents will be checked quickly, so you can usually expect a response to your loan application within a short time. We are aware of the problem that other service providers often only provide substantial feedback on credit applications after 14 days. Our processes are significantly leaner, more efficient and faster!

Submit documents later: What is required

Additional documents may be required as part of the credit check. You can submit these easily and securely via our platform. We will inform you immediately if there is a need for further clarification.

Online loan vs. branch loan: The advantages of an online loan application

Compared to the traditional loan application in a branch, the online loan application with us offers many advantages. You can apply from the comfort of your own home, save yourself waiting times and have the opportunity to compare offers from different providers quickly and easily. loan comparison quickly.

Fill out a credit application online

Credit application in Switzerland: the special features

Legal framework for credit applications in Switzerland

In Switzerland, special legal framework conditions apply to credit applications, which are mainly set out in the Consumer Credit Act (KKG) are the main regulations. It doesn’t hurt to find out about the legal basis before you apply for a loan. At we offer you comprehensive information on Swiss regulations and how they affect the loan application process.

Swiss banks: What they check when you apply for a loan

Banks in Switzerland, such as Migros Bank AG based in Zurich, check your creditworthiness, income and expenses when you apply for a loan. This will ensure that you are able to repay the loan. The criteria may vary from bank to bank, but a positive credit rating is crucial for a successful loan application.

Interest and fees: What is common in Switzerland

Interest rates for loans can vary greatly in Switzerland. This is also due to the fact that there are no additional fees in Switzerland; the interest rate already covers all costs. This means that the cost structures of the lending banks are also factored into the interest rate, which naturally vary depending on the lender. With you have the opportunity to compare different offers and thus find a loan offer with favorable conditions.

Tips for a successful loan application in Switzerland

To increase your chances of a successful loan application, you should have all the necessary documents ready, keep an eye on your finances and provide realistic information about your financial situation. In addition, the comparison of different credit offers by will help you to find the best offer.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about loan applications

How do I submit a loan application?

You can submit a loan application online easily and without obligation. Select the desired loan amount and term, fill out the application form and upload the required documents. Your request will then be checked by the bank and you will receive an offer that you can accept or reject.

What is checked when I apply for a loan?

Your credit rating, i.e. your creditworthiness, is the main factor checked when you apply for a loan. This includes your income and financial circumstances and, if applicable, your ZEK entries. Your current expenses and any other loans are also taken into account in order to assess your ability to repay. If you meet the following criteria, there is usually nothing standing in the way of a personal loan:

  • Swiss citizenship (or foreigner’s permit B or C)
  • Regular monthly income of CHF 4,000 or more
  • No overindebtedness

How long does the loan application take?

It takes just 2 minutes to submit your credit application using the form above. We usually process online loan requests very quickly (faster than requests made in a bank branch, for example). You will often receive a response within a few hours.

Who decides whether you get a loan?

When you apply for a loan, each lender or bank makes the decision on whether to grant the loan individually. However, as we work with many different partners and know their respective criteria very well, we can give you a good overview of your options with a high degree of certainty. Lending is prohibited if it leads to over-indebtedness ( Art. 3 UWG ).

Rejecting a loan: What to do if your loan application is rejected?

If your loan application is rejected by all banks, you have the opportunity to find out the reasons for the rejection and submit any necessary documents or look for other lenders.

Debt restructuring: How does a loan application for debt restructuring work?

You submit a loan application for debt restructuring in the same way as for a normal loan. You can indicate on the application form that you are rescheduling your debt. The banks will then check your creditworthiness and the conditions of your existing loans in order to make you an offer for debt restructuring.

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