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For many, the student years are among the best in life. However, the basis for this is always solid financing. That’s why we’re here to guide you through the world of student loans, so you can focus on what really matters – your education and future. Find the best student loan for you in Switzerland in our comparison!

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Compare student loans with – How it works

Credit calculator

1. calculate desired loan

In Switzerland, with its high cost of living, it is often a challenge for students to secure funding for their studies. Fortunately, offers a user-friendly platform to calculate your ideal student loan. With our online calculator, you can quickly and easily find out how much credit you need and what options are available to you. Simply enter your desired credit terms and our system will present you with a customized solution.

Credit inquiry

2. fill in and send off your credit application

Once you have calculated your desired loan, the next step is to fill out and send a non-binding loan application. This process is fully digitalized and can be completed from the comfort of your own home. Our website guides you through all the necessary steps and ensures that you provide all the required information. Your request will then be processed immediately by our team of experts.

Credit comparison

3. we show you the best and cheapest offers

As soon as we receive your loan application, our team starts work. We compare the offers of various lenders to present you with the best and most favorable options for your student loan. Our aim is to offer you a choice that suits your financial needs and circumstances. At you can be sure that you will receive a transparent and fair comparison.

Loan disbursement

4. you select the best loan offer and receive the desired amount

The last step is to select your preferred loan offer. Once you have decided on an offer, we will take all the necessary steps to pay you the loan amount. This process is fast, uncomplicated and secure, so that you can concentrate fully on your studies. With, financing your studies is just a few clicks away.

Student loans in Switzerland: options and offers

Student loans & education loans from banks

In Switzerland, numerous banks offer specialized educational loans that have been specially developed for students. These loans are often characterized by lower interest rates and flexible repayment terms that are tailored to the needs of students. At we compare the best offers from reputable banks so that you can find a loan that perfectly suits your financial situation.

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Personal loans for students

In addition to traditional educational loans private loans are another option for students in Switzerland. These are generally more flexible in terms of the loan amount and the use of the money. They can be used for everything from tuition fees and living expenses to semesters abroad. However, traditional personal loans for students are also more difficult to obtain, as a certain income and other creditworthiness requirements are often stipulated.

Peer-to-peer loans as an alternative

Peer-to-peer loans are an innovative and increasingly popular financing option. Here you borrow money directly from private individuals, but often on different terms to traditional bank loans. Credit supply and demand are brought together from special platforms. This type of loan is still quite new and you should, if at all, look into it in detail beforehand and check the respective contractual basis carefully.

Student loan calculator: Determine your loan requirements

How much money does a student need per month in Switzerland?

The budget of a student in Switzerland varies depending on lifestyle, place of study and personal circumstances. To determine your exact credit requirements, consider not only tuition fees, but also housing costs, food, books and leisure activities. Our student loan calculator helps you to obtain a realistic estimate of your monthly expenses and thus to determine your loan requirements precisely.

Online calculator for a transparent comparison

Our online student loan calculator is user-friendly and offers a transparent comparison of different loan options. You can run through various scenarios to see how different loan amounts and terms affect your repayments. This tool is a valuable resource on the way to finding your ideal student loan.

Affordable student loans: tips for low interest rates – whether Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

Interest rate comparison and negotiation

One of the keys to securing a favorable student loan is a thorough comparison of interest rates. At we make it easy for you to compare the interest rates of different lenders. It is also important to know that interest rates are often negotiable. Thanks to our good relationships with all relevant and reputable lenders in Switzerland, you are in an excellent position with us.

Interest-free student loans – do they exist?

Although there are no completely interest-free student loans in Switzerland, there are offers with very low interest rates. Some foundations and organizations offer low-interest or interest-free loans for students with special financial needs. We can help you find such offers and check whether you are eligible for them.

How much interest do you pay for a student loan?

Interest rates for student loans can vary depending on the lender and your personal financial situation. In general, however, they are often below the usual market rates for other types of loan. Our portal offers you an overview of the current interest rates and helps you to find a cost-effective option for your student loan.

Best student loan: criteria for selection

Comparison of credit conditions

To find the best student loan for your needs, it is crucial to carefully compare the loan conditions. This includes interest rates, terms, repayment modalities and any additional fees. Thanks to’s many years of experience, we offer you a detailed overview and comparison tools that make it easier for you to evaluate the various offers on the market and find the loan that best meets your requirements.

Ratings and experience

Customer reviews and testimonials are valuable sources of information when choosing a student loan. We provide you with authentic reviews and experiences of other students who have already taken out loans via our platform. These insights can help you make an informed decision and choose the lender that offers the best service and most favorable terms.

Flexible repayment options

Flexibility in repayment is a key aspect to consider when choosing a student loan. Some lenders offer flexible payment plans that allow you to adjust repayments to suit your financial situation after graduation. We help you to identify such options and choose a loan that offers you the greatest possible flexibility and financial freedom.

Student loan online: The digital way to an education loan

Online application process

Digitalization has revolutionized the loan application process, and at you benefit from a fully online application process. This means that you can apply for your student loan from the comfort of your own home or on the move. Our user-friendly online form guides you step-by-step through the process, from the initial inquiry to the approval of your loan.

Student with books

Digital documentation and management

Another advantage of the online student loan is the simple digital documentation and management of your loan. All important documents and information are digitally and securely accessible. You can check your credit status, manage payments and receive important notifications directly via our platform. This makes managing your student loan simple and clear.

Online support and advice

In addition to the simple online application process and digital document management, also offers comprehensive online support and advice. Our team of experts is always available to answer any questions or uncertainties you may have to ensure that you make the best decision for your financial future. We’re just a click away to help you every step of the way.

Student loan vs. student loan vs. education loan: What’s the difference?

Definitions and delimitations

Although the terms student loan, student credit and education loan are often used interchangeably, there are subtle differences that are important to understand. A student loan is usually offered specifically to finance tuition fees and associated study costs. A student loan can be broader in scope and also cover living expenses. Educational loans, on the other hand, are often intended for specific educational projects, such as further training or specialized courses.

Specific conditions and advantages

Each of these loan types comes with its own conditions and benefits. Student loans often offer lower interest rates and are tailored to the needs of full-time students. Student loans can be more flexible in terms of how the money is used. Educational loans, on the other hand, are often designed for short terms and specific educational goals. At we help you to identify the right type of loan to suit your individual needs.

Decision-making aid: Which loan is right for me?

Choosing the right loan depends on several factors, such as your degree program, your financial situation and your long-term goals. Our experts at offer you personal advice to help you find the loan that best suits your educational path. With our help, you can make an informed decision and decide on a loan that best supports your education. Simply use our inquiry form or send us an e-mail to with your request.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about student loans

Which banks grant student loans?

There are a large number of banks and financial institutions in Switzerland that offer student loans. These range from large national banks to regional institutions and specialized (online) lenders. On you can compare the offers of these banks quickly and easily to find the right financing solution for you.

How much money does a student receive from their parents in Switzerland?

The financial support that students receive from their parents can vary greatly and depends on the family’s financial means and individual circumstances. Our portal offers you help and advice on how you can tap into additional sources of funding if parental support is not enough.

Is it possible to study for free in Switzerland?

While studying in Switzerland is not free, tuition fees are often moderate compared to other countries. There are also opportunities for scholarships and government support that can significantly reduce costs.

Until when do parents have to support children financially in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, parents are legally obliged to support their children financially during their education, usually until they have completed their initial education. However, this may vary depending on individual circumstances.

What happens if you cannot repay the student loan?

If you have difficulties repaying your student loan, it is important to contact your lender at an early stage. Many lenders offer flexible solutions such as payment deferrals or adjustments to repayment plans.

How much does university cost in Switzerland?

The cost of studying at university in Switzerland varies depending on the university and course of study. In general, tuition fees are considered moderate, especially in comparison to other countries with similarly high educational standards. However, student life itself is relatively expensive in Switzerland due to the comparatively higher cost of living.

Alternative financing strategies to loans for students

Scholarships and state funding

In addition to student loans, there are also opportunities for a scholarship and state funding, although there is no institution in Switzerland like the KfW in Germany, where young people can study with a KfW student loan with state funding. However, Swiss scholarships can also provide valuable financial support. They are often linked to academic performance or specific criteria. Below we provide information and resources to help you explore and successfully apply for such funding opportunities:

Working alongside your studies

Many students in Switzerland choose to work alongside their studies to supplement their income. Whether part-time jobs, internships or student assistantships – there are numerous options that are compatible with studying. Here are some of the most popular part-time jobs for students:

  • Tutoring
  • Waiters
  • work in a call center
  • Guiding city tours
  • Sales jobs

Crowdlending and alternative financing methods

Crowdlending and other alternative financing methods are becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland. These options enable students to obtain loans directly from (several) private individuals, usually via online platforms. However, you should exercise caution here and read the conditions carefully – as well as experience reports – to avoid a nasty surprise.