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In the world of loans, interest rates are the be-all and end-all. Whether it’s for a new car, your dream home or an unexpected expense, the interest on your loan can make the difference between a financial burden and a wise investment. Fortunately, is the right place for you not only to get comprehensive information, but also to secure the best loan interest rates in Switzerland.

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1. calculate desired loan

Define the amount of your desired loan and the preferred repayment period. Our calculator will immediately show you the expected monthly repayment installment, including all interest. You can use the interest rate slider to run through various interest rate scenarios and their effects on the loan.

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Once you have determined the conditions that meet your needs, you can submit your request directly on our website. Filling out the secure inquiry form is quick and easy and your personal data is protected thanks to state-of-the-art SSL encryption.

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After receiving your request, we will compare the interest rate offers of our partner banks. We present you with the most advantageous and cost-effective loan offers so that you have all the relevant information at a glance and can make the best choice. Thanks to our many years of experience and our large selection of lenders, we can offer you real added value here.

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4. selection and disbursement of your loan

Decide on the offer that best meets your requirements – usually the one with the lowest interest rates – and finalize the loan agreement. After final approval by the bank, the loan amount is transferred directly to your account. Benefit from the financial flexibility that our interest rate comparison offers you and enjoy the advantages of favorable loan interest rates.

Basics of interest rates on loans

What are loan interest rates and how do they work?

Interest spelled out

Interest on loans is basically the price you pay for borrowing money. They are stated as a percentage of the loan amount and calculated over the term of the loan. This interest rate can vary depending on the lender, your credit rating and other factors. In Switzerland, the interest on the loan includes all the costs of the loan, which means that you will not incur any additional fees.

The role of the Swiss National Bank and the key interest rate

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) plays a decisive role in determining the general interest rate level in the country by setting the key interest rate. This has an indirect influence on loan interest rates, as banks and lenders are guided by these interest rates when they set their own interest rates for loans.

Loans in Switzerland and their interest rates: factors influencing interest rates

Various factors influence the amount of interest you can charge on a personal loan in Switzerland:

  • Creditworthiness: Your creditworthiness, based on your financial past and present, largely determines the interest rates you are offered.
  • Income and employment: A stable income and secure employment increase your chances of lower interest rates.
  • Age: Younger and older borrowers may face different interest rates.
  • Credit experience: People with a positive credit history often receive more favorable conditions.
  • Loan amount and term: The amount of the loan and the chosen repayment period can influence the interest rate. Shorter terms often lead to lower interest rates.

In Switzerland, it is also regulated by law that you have the right to repay your loan to the loan provider early at any time and thus save interest. The maximum loan amount is set so that it can be repaid within 36 months (including interest), which guarantees both your financial security and that of the lender.

How to get the best interest rate for your loan

Get a loan with low interest rates: Tips and tricks

To get the best possible interest rates on your loan, there are a few strategies you can follow:

  1. Compare, compare, compare: Use our comparison service here on to clearly compare the various offers.
  2. Improve your credit rating: Before you apply for a loan, you should check your credit rating and improve it if necessary. Pay off outstanding debts and make sure you have a regular income.
  3. Choose short terms: Although shorter terms increase the monthly charge, you benefit from lower interest rates.
  4. Send us a direct inquiry: Instead of making several formal credit inquiries with banks, which could affect your credit rating, use our non-binding preliminary inquiry.

Best interest rates in Switzerland: No problem with

Thanks to our extensive partnerships with leading lenders in Switzerland, can offer you exclusive insights and interest rate offers for consumer loans, for example, that you would not otherwise get. Our comparison service enables you to receive personalized offers that are precisely tailored to your financial situation and needs.

Interest rate comparison for loans: How to find the best offer

The loan interest rate comparison and its importance

Loan interest rates illustrated over time

Using our comparison service for loan interest rates is the decisive step on the way to the best loan offer. We enable you to compare the conditions of different loan providers at a glance without having to visit individual banks or credit institutions in person to apply for a loan. We help you with your loan search and offer you a transparent overview of:

  • Your possible loan interest and interest costs (incl. annual interest charge)
  • Terms and loan amounts
  • Optimization potential through e.g. improvements in creditworthiness

Why should be your first port of call sets itself apart from other comparison portals by not only offering a comprehensive range of credit options and an independent credit comparison but also by its user-friendly interface for online loan applications and direct cooperation with a large number of lenders in Switzerland. Through our platform you get:

  • Access to exclusive offers from renowned credit institutions
  • Detailed information on each loan offer, including interest rates, with no hidden costs.
  • Personal advice and support from our team of experts if you have any questions or need help.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about loan interest rates

How high are the interest rates for a loan at the moment?

The interest rates for loans in Switzerland can vary depending on the factors mentioned above. Average interest rates range between 4% and 10%, although special offers may vary.

Which Swiss bank has the best interest rates?

For personal loans there is not one bank with the best interest rates for everyone – unlike standard products such as credit cards. The conditions are individual and depend on various factors. helps you to find the best offer for you.

How is loan interest calculated?

Loan interest is calculated on the basis of the outstanding loan amount, the term and the interest rate.

How much interest do I pay on 100,000 euros?

The interest on a loan of 100,000 euros depends on the interest rate and the term. You can make an exact calculation using our calculator at the top of the page.

Is loan interest tax deductible?

Yes, interest paid on personal loans can be deducted from taxable income in Switzerland up to an amount of CHF 50,000.

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After your request, we will process it immediately and provide you with the best loan or interest rate offers. As soon as you have decided on an offer, we will support you with the next steps until the loan is paid out. The entire process is transparent, secure and tailored to your needs. However, if you still have questions about our loan comparison, you are welcome to send an e-mail to and we will get back to you as soon as possible during our office hours.

Conclusion: How you can benefit from low interest rates on loans

Choosing the right loan with the best interest rates can be a challenge, but with the right support and tools, it’s not hard to get a favorable deal. is at your side as a competent partner, not only to save you time and effort, but also to help you make financially advantageous decisions. Start your inquiry today and get one step closer to your dream loan at a top interest rate.